“Wine-making is something more than just making wine”

“Of all the fruits of the earth, that which inherently evokes the highest levels of philosophy, poetry and intrinsic appeal, is the grape in the metamorphosis of winemaking, because in wine there are underlying elements of the miraculous, which, in some way, bind body and soul.

Nowadays we are more demanding than ever concerning wine. Not only that it be wine, but that it is good. And that it is natural, in other words, that the winemaking is ecological, confining the hand of man to purely mechanical interventions, drawing on physics but not on chemistry. Such are the wines from our Bodega.

What has brought us to this perspective is our love for mythical Castile that brought about this extraordinary grape, the “white verdejo”, which so readily benefits from biotechnology. 

I am but the modest editor of a human enterprise in which, I humbly believe, enthusiasm has united with expertise".

Enrique J. de Benito y Rodriguez (1980).
Our vineyards
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